Overview Of The Company

Realizing the tremendous potential of solar energy, RE Solar is harnessing this non-conventional resource to promote green energy.RE solar capability spectrum covers development of economically viable and technically superior solutions in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Solar Energy Projects by partnering with core solar technology providers.RE Solar competencies encompass all the key elements in the solar value chain covering grid connected ( Ground mounted and rooftop) PV Plants, Standalone (Off grid) PV plants, Solar water pumps and street lighting systems.

The projects consist of both large scale commercial and small scale residential projects. We are targeting two types of market in the sector of solar EPC, the pain market and the gain market. The pain market consist of the customers from rural area where there is no grid supply and the power is consumed completely by the customers, whereas the gain market is the key concept for tapping the solar energy to reduce the current electricity bill, the customers are from urban location where grid supply is surplus but electricity tariff is high.

The motivation to setup the RE Solar is to contribute green energy development to combat with the challenges of global warming and climate change.