Grid Tied PV System

Grid tied Solar PV systems are always synchronized to grid. Therefore the primary source of the power is solar and the balance power will be drawn from Grid. The system is developed for the purpose of tapping the solar energy and reducing the electricity bill. Mostly used at urban area where the Grid supply is surplus but electricity tariff are high.

Off Grid PV System

Off grid PV system are not synchronized with grid i.e. independent of grid. The system consists of Battery bank for storage so that the excess generation from Solar PV can be stored in battery which can be further used during the night time. These types of systems are commonly used at rural area where there is no grid supply. Mostly it is rooftop plant but depends on available are can be ground mounted plant.

Hybrid PV System

Hybrid PV systems are grid tied systems but it consist of one auxiliary power supply either a Diesel Generator or Battery banks. These types of systems are generally used by big industry where continuous supply of power is required. The core benefits of the systems are to reduce diesel costing by reducing the Diesel generator run time and also to reduce the electricity bills. Telecom towers also use hybrid type of PV systems.